Mazury Air Camp – Information for pilots

Informacje dla pilotów

Informacje dla pilotów

Informacje dla pilotów

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The Airfield Mazury Air Camp is located in the heart of the Great Masurian Lakes. There are beautiful bicycle routes around the northern lakes right next to the Airfield. The Airfield is surrounded by the marinas in Sztynort, Kietlice, Trygort. Within a dozen minutes you reach by ebike the Wolf's Lair (Wolfschanze) and Mamerki (Mauerwald) and restaurants in Sztynort and Trygort. The most beautiful beach in Masuria is just a stone's throw away from airfield. Accommodation facilities two minutes away by bike - in the nearest village. - The Power of Freedom! - provides pilots arriving in Mazury AirCamp with electric bikes (range up to 100 km!) and electric boats, and the owner invites for a coffee at the Aviator Club!

Here are just a few attractions in the nearest neibourhood (travel time bye Bike

  • Masurian network of bicycle routes: right next to the airfield
  • Marina Sztynort/Steinort (12 minutes), Trygort (18 minutes), Przystań (16 minutes)
  • Lehndorff Palace in Sztynort/Steinort (12 minutes)
  • Wolf's Lair/Wolfschanze (18 minutes)
  • Mamerki/Mauerwald (12 minutes)
  • Masurian Channel (25 minutes)
  • Leśniewo - historic locks on the Masurian Channel(25 minutes)
  • Fuledzki Róg - a beautiful bicycle route (30min - 2h)
  • Kayaks: Węgorapa (Węgorzewo, 40 minutes), Sapina (Ogonki, 40 minutes), Węgorzewo Loop (Węgorzewo, 40 minutes)
  • A beautiful bicycle trip along the lakes - Giżycko via Doba (70 min)
  • A beautiful bike tour around the northern lakes (full day of attractions!)
  • Green Velo - 10 minutes from the airfield! 2500+ km of biketours!
  • Shanties concerts: Marina Sztynort (12 minutes), Marina Kietlice (9 minutes)
  • Cormoran Island Reserve (20 min by electric boat)
  • Lammers Forest Headquarters (5 minutes)
  • Through the forest wilderness - a picturesque bike path (15-60 minutes)
  • Via Alley of oaks to the Lehndorff Mausoleum - a beautiful bicycle route along the lakes (breathtaking views) (45 minutes)
  • Gilma Island - a mystical temple in the Holy Grove - remains of a Prussian settlement, traces of the Galindians and a Teutonic stronghold (45 minutes by electric boat)
  • Visit uncle Putin - on the bicycle route to the border with the Kaliningrad Oblast through northern Masuria, we are looking for locks on the Masurian Canal (Guja / Piaski, Bojany Małe and Duże) (all day)
  • 7 islands reserve - one of the most magical places in Masuria (all day)
  • To Sapina - a bicycle trip through the Sapina wilderness, Przerwanki Lock (all day)
  • In the footsteps of the economic and cultural power of the Farenheids - a trip to the ruins of an 18th century palace (all day)
  • Curse of the Farenheids - trip to the pyramid in Rapa (all day)
  • Forest bike trail to Mamerki/Mauerwald - (1h)
  • Water equipment rentals: (we have our own equipment - motor boats, scooters, boats with an electric motor, kayaks, and if there are not enough of them, we have a few large rentals in the area - 12 minutes by eRider - several large rentals, also sailing yachts.

Moreover (access by car):

  • Stańczyki
  • Święta Lipka/Heilige Linde
  • Kayaks on the Krutynia River
  • Castles in Ryn/Rhein, Kętrzyn/Rastenburg and Lidzbark Warmiński/Heilsberg

Arrival Information:

RWY 010° GEO/ 190° GEO, 450mx30m, 398 ft (121,4 m) AMSL; Call: „Radzieje Radio” 123,450 MHz